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Anne V

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Full Name: Anne Vialitsina

Birth Date: July 11, 1975

Birth Place: Brooklyn, New York, USA

Height: 5' 10"

Occupation: Model

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"Why not try your best? Why not be your best? I want to be good at this job. I want to take beautiful pictures and make everybody here happy. That's what I'm supposed to do".

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Ambition does not have an age. That much is clear from the laser focus in the eyes of the model currently facing the strobe lights. The Anne Vialitsina who sits in the ultra mod Chelsea apartment waiting for her close-up is a girl with the weight of Great Expectations on her.

She has just come off the tough New York/Milan/Paris runway treadmill where she booked shows as major as Marc by Marc Jacobs, Prada, Dolce y Gabbana and Chanel.

Under her belt are 3 Spring 02 campaigns: the demure Anna Molinari with Terry Richardson, the multi-cast Versus with Steven Meisel. and the stellar Chloe.

On the horizon are her Fall/Winter resume including DKNY, Ralph Lauren and a Chanel fragrance spot.

Anne has had lavish editorials devoted to her in Dazed and Confused, turned up in Harper's Bazaar and booked American Vogue. Most notably she had been declared a girl to watch by Guy Trebay in the New York Times Style Section. All this at a time when Anne Vialitsina was 15 years old.

It means that at a very young age, though she is strictly chaperoned by her agent, Anne V must work the global schedule and the grueling hours of a rising mannequin. It means from week to week, navigating the streets of strange cities, amidst a myriad of foreign languages; finding her way to the go-sees, the fittings and the shoots.
Her parents remain in Russia ( her mother being a doctor) even as she works from New York requiring her to forge a kind of emotional independence that is shocking in someone her age. Girls far older than her have collapsed under the weight of less success than Anne has had. So what is the glue that hold Miss Vialitsina together?

Pure unadulterated ambition, the kind that made a Gisele or a Naomi or a Cindy Crawford, comes off Anne like heat waves off a desert road.

It's a little frightening in its intensity. especially in someone so young. When you ask Anne what drives her, her response is supremely honest.
"Why fail?" she says laughing, in her accented English. Just three months ago she was still harnessing the use of a translator. Now she is hopping her way through the language with no strain. With perfectly innocent clarity she continues "Why not try your best? Why not be your best? I want to be good at this job. I want to take beautiful pictures and make everybody here happy. That's what I'm supposed to do ".
Ladies and Gentlemen, the Britney Spears generation is upon us. Though Anne looks nothing like Miss Spears she certainly has that exact combination of girlish sweetness mixed with the iron will. It's will to power expressed with a bubblegum smile. Because the ambition and discipline the model displays is not expressed in the spirit of grim sacrifice. Anne takes one of the best advantages of being young, that ability to approach everything with a sense of joyous discovery and mixes it with the kind of professionalism and discipline you expect only in a very seasoned model.

Casting and booking new models is very much akin to gambling. The market demands new faces to push the product... the new magazines, the new fragrances, the new jeans line. And so the new girls stream in to supply that aura of freshness. But there is the unfortunate recent scenarios of the girls who look cool and look right who then proceed to wilt under the heat of the lights. In a rough economic climate more than a few advertisers are beating a retreat to Amber and Michele Hicks and Eva Herzigova because those girls will show up and deliver the picture and the dividends, every time.

And then there is a girl like Anne who supplies both that "fresh from the wrapper" crispness while standing her ground under the merciless gaze of the camera, poised and ambitious as any girl with six years of posing under her belt.
"When you're on the runway, it's like you're dreaming or you're in a movie," Anne offers by way of explanation. "Everything is going so fast....the girl just walked ahead of you. It's your turn. You step out. The lights are in your face. The music is loud. You're walking and all the people are watching".

And bless her for feeling it, because being able to sense the different tones and variations of each designer and each photographer is what makes for a superior model. Being able to feel it without fear or fatigue is indeed, what the model is here for.

Anne is out of the box with a spectacular start. The name of her particular end game is the long distance run. At the finish line looms the split level world of exclusive Victoria's Secret and Revlon contracts even as you headline major magazine covers . Only a handful of girls have what it takes to get to that lucrative finish line.

You don't get there in two seasons. You prove yourself over time. You deliver both mass appeal beauty and edgy of-the-moment inspiration. You keep evolving. You keep surprising the audience. In the next two years as Anne edges closer to eighteen, as ambition merges with experience and with the alliances she forges in the business, it will be very interesting to see how she will manifest her destiny. She is sixteen, yet she already knows that to finish the run you need, of course, beauty ...but as Anne said to Mr Trebay of the NY TImes "to be pretty is not enough".

It is certainly not. You have to have a supermodel's ambition and one suspects that with that fire in Anne Vialitsina we haven't even seen anything yet. Watch this face.




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