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Melinda Stolp

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Full Name: Melinda Stolp

Birth Date: July 11, 1984

Birth Place: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Height: 5' 7 "

Occupation: Actress

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"The Real World" (1992) TV Series .... Herself/Austin (2005)

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Looking back on her "Real World" experience, Wisconsin's latest reality TV personality says, "sex was maybe 2 percent of it."

She'll understand, of course, if the editing makes it seem as if sex was maybe 62% of it. That's television, right?

On the season premiere of "The Real World" next week, viewers won't learn that Melinda, a 21-year-old from Germantown with a striking resemblance to Paris Hilton, is a 2001 graduate of Milwaukee High School of the Arts who's studying to be a dental hygienist and is thinking of going on to dentistry.

Melinda from Germantown kissed the girl and made the boys smile on the newest incarnation of MTV's "Real World." The 21-year-old also streaked through the Austin, Texas, house. So why, she asks, is all the talk about sex?

They won't find out that her favorite pastime is playing volleyball at Milwaukee's Bradford Beach or that she considers her mother, Agnes, to be her best friend.

They will, though, hear her describe herself as "a nymph," see her streaking - in the no-clothes sense - past her housemates and witness her playfully but lengthily kissing another woman while her male housemates look on in incredulous delight.

And if people don't get it, Melinda says in a phone interview, they don't get it.

"I'm 21 years old," she explains cheerfully, "and I enjoy sex."

From Milwaukee to Austin
As a participant in the 16th and latest edition of "The Real World," Melinda - MTV uses first names only - recently shared a large and lushly furnished house for four months with three other women and three men, all single, attractive and between the ages of 18 and 23.

The location was Austin, Texas, famous for its rock and country venues, its party-hearty atmosphere and its South by Southwest music festival, which the show's seven housemates helped to produce.

For Melinda, who attends Milwaukee Area Technical College, the experience was "great - like going away to college."

Working as an apprentice sound technician on the music festival was fun, she says, but it didn't exactly tempt her away from her professional goals. She's still planning to finish her dental hygiene courses, work for a while and then perhaps apply to dental school.

What did change over the course of four months, Melinda goes on, was an aspect of her personality that had bothered her for a long time.

"I've always been a really passive person," she says, "and I wanted to change that. I don't like the fact that I've let people walk all over me. And living with six people helped with that. I think I'm a more confident person now."

True to the formula
That sort of transformation is part of what has made "The Real World" MTV's most prized property since it became an instant hit in 1992.

Each edition is a coming-of-age story with seven protagonists - or, to be less literary about it, a steamy, sudsy prime-time soap with more cliffhangers than "Desperate Housewives."

Some of this season's obvious questions emerge in the premiere.

Will Rachel, the Iraq War veteran from California, always need to be the center of attention?

Will Nehemiah and Wes, the two guys from Arizona, be overwhelmed by hunky, confident Danny, the alpha male from Massachusetts?

Will Lacey, the 23-year-old from Florida, lose her virginity in Texas?

And, of course, will Wisconsin's own Melinda forget about Jason, her boyfriend back home, with the interesting - and clearly interested - Danny so close at hand?

Like any well-coached reality show player, Melinda has a ready answer for that one.

"You'll just have to watch and find out," she replies smoothly.

STUFF: In the first episode, you and Rachel shared a girl-on-girl smooch. Was that to gay up the show, since there was no homosexual housemate?
MELINDA: No, I was intoxicated, and we were playing Truth or Dare. Nobody was picking dare, so I did. You have to show people up when they call you out!

During the casting process, did they ask you, “Will you get drunk and run around in your birthday suit?”
No, they just want to get to know you and see what kind of person you are. I was expecting them to ask me, “What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?” But it was more like, “Tell me about your life and your family.” I think I went to three or four interviews. I first went to an open casting call in Chicago, and I was there at 2 A.M. sitting next to people who were singing show tunes.

You and castmate Danny got it on with 44 cameras taping your every hump. Were you worried that a tape would end up on the Internet?
We stayed under the covers. You try to keep it as private as possible. Rachel is my roommate, too, so that made it a little difficult, but we didn’t really care.



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