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Nicole Tubiola

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Full Name: Nicole Tubiola

Birth Date: 8-7-1979

Birth Place: Brooklyn, New York, USA

Height: 5' 10"

Occupation: Actress

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Nicole Tubiola knew exactly who she was and what she wanted since the young age of 3. "My mom and dad used to tell me that when I was 3 years old, I would look into the mirror and ask 'Is this my happy face?' And then I would do a big smile, or a big pout. I think since then my parents always knew I wanted to be an actress."

Filmography at IMDB

"Wildfire" .... Danielle Davis
- Family Matters (2006) TV Episode .... Danielle Davis
Imaginary Heroes (2004) .... Tabitha
"Boston Public"
- Chapter Sixty-Nine (2003) TV Episode
Sabretooth (2002) .... Lola Rodriguez
"The District"
- The Killing Point (2002) TV Episode .... Janelle De Sica
"Undressed" (1999) TV Series .... Jen (2001: Season 4)
... aka MTV's Undressed (USA: complete title)
"The Steve Harvey Show"
- Dual Intentions (2001) TV Episode .... Clarice
"Brutally Normal"
- Mouth Full of Warm Roses (2000) TV Episode .... Girlfriend #1
"The Amanda Show"
... aka Moody's Point (USA: third season title)
- Crime Fighting Cheerleaders (2000) TV Episode .... Cheerleader
"Hang Time"
- Love Triangle (1998) TV Episode .... Tamara


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Happily married to actor Kieren Hutchison, best known for his role on One Tree Hill and who now has the role of sports agent Kerry on Wildfire, life couldn't be more perfect for Tubiola. Recently buying a house in New Mexico where the show is shot, Tubiola enjoys decorating and playing with her 3 dogs. But when it comes to horses, Tubiola was first to admit she was a little skeptical, "They are such big animals [laughs]; I am pretty little-5'2"-so I was, like, these horses can stomp on me. But it has been really fun; they are amazing animals."

Well first off, congrats on the success of the show.
Nicole: Thank you!
So coming straight out of high school, you moved out to L.A. to pursue acting. Was that always the goal?
Nicole: Yes, it was, ever since I was a little girl. My mom and dad used to tell me that when I was 3, I would look into the mirror and ask "Is this my happy face?" And I would do a big smile or a big pout. I think since then my parents always knew I would be an actress. I always loved to dance since I was 3, so I loved being on stage performing.
I heard that you sing too. Is that true?
Nicole: I do sing. I did plays where I did sing, but I am more of a shower singer. I think I sound good, but I am too scared to put that out into the world (laughs). I'll just keep that to myself.
So how was the whole transition coming to Hollywood?
Nicole: It was really hard when I first came to L.A. I came out there and I didn't know what to expect. I had an agent, but I thought it would be easier than it really was. I thought I would come out there and book jobs and things would be wonderful. For a while I was in the wilderness because I hadn't really learned my craft yet and what it took to be an actress. I went out there and studied and worked on myself. I always was able to book guest star roles or little independent films, but Wildfire is my first series.
So how is it being on a series? Since you did some independent films already, do you think you prefer more of the series type atmosphere?
Nicole: Wildfire has been great for me. I love working on a series and loved that the cast and crew has become like a family. We are out in New Mexico shooting, so we are all out here by ourselves. So this by far has been the greatest experience of my life. I would be happy to do anything though; I just want to act. I just want to find some good roles and have some fun.
So was Dani the original role you auditioned for?
Nicole: No, originally I had gone out for Kris. That was a pretty long process; I was auditioning for Kris for about 3 months. They had started production, and then they stopped, and then started back up again. I had 3 callbacks for the role, and then I went in and tested. I think it came down to Genevieve and me. When they went with Genevieve, they actually offered me the role of Dani. I was so excited because when I heard I didn't get the role of Kris I was so sad because I loved the script. The pilot script was so good that I actually cried when I read it. So I am so happy that they offered me the role.
Yeah, actually when I initially saw a commercial for the show, I thought what kind of show is this going to be. I thought it was just going to be some boring show about a girl loving horses. But after watching the first show, I was hooked (laughs). I am now a faithful fan.
Nicole: Aww yay! Thank you.
So can you tell us more about Dani, the character you play?
Nicole: Dani is the daughter of Ken Davis and the sister of Junior Davis. Dani is in love with the boy next door, Matt Ritter. Dani is honest, outspoken, sometimes manipulative, gets-what-she-wants type of girl. And she happens to be very rich (laughs).
Was it hard for you to play a character like that?
Nicole: Yes and no. In the first season Dani was mean and did some underhanded things to Kris. So in the beginning it was hard to understand where Dani's motivation came from. But as the character progressed, I think I, along with the audience, saw who Dani really is.
So was Monday's night kiss a one-time thing? Or will we see more from Dani and Matt?
Nicole: Ummm (laughs). I think we will see Dani and Matt grow closer together.
Your husband actually joined the cast for the second season. How is it having him there?
Nicole: It is so good! Last year he was on One Tree Hill, and that is shot in Wilmington, North Carolina, so we were always flying back and forth to see each other. Having him in New Mexico is so wonderful and I love working with him.
How was it when you started working with the horses? Did you ever ride horses before?
Nicole: I had ridden horses on those sunset trail things, so working with the horses was a new thing for me. They are such big animals (laughs), I am pretty little-5'2"-so I was like these horses can stomp on me. But it has been really fun. They are amazing animals-although, Dani's character doesn't really have to ride that much, so I kind of just know a little about what to do.
So what is the shooting schedule like? Do you get a chance to come back to L.A., or do you pretty much stay there the whole shoot?
Nicole: We are pretty much here all though shooting-well, at the main cast is. We shoot a seven-day schedule, and we shoot by location, so if I get one or two days off, they are usually split up so I don't get a chance to get back to L.A. Although I really miss it, we still have our little place there.
When you do get that time off from shooting, what would we find you doing?
Nicole: When I am not shooting, I am decorating my house in New Mexico. Kieran and I just bought a place out here in New Mexico, so we have been painting and decorating and hanging out with our dogs. We have 3 dogs, a Maltese, a Shi-Zu and a Border collie who is the new addition to the family.
So where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Nicole: I don't know-I guess wherever life takes me. Maybe Kieran and I will have a family that includes children and not just dogs, and still working. Since I don't have an aspiration to just do movies or just do a series, I can be anywhere. I just hope I am acting.
Are there any actors out there that inspire you?
Nicole: There are a lot of actors that inspire me-people like Meryl Streep or Morgan Freeman, who are always good. But in general, just someone that can give a good performance; it could be a guest star, like when Ray Liotta was on ER, which was so amazing. And Jennifer Garner is always good on Alias, but she always has that one great scene. You know those moments that make the audience hold their breath? If an actor-known or unknown-can do that, that is inspiring to me.
What message would you like to give to all the Wildfire fans out there?
Nicole: From the bottom of my heart, thank you. This show and the fact that our fans love it mean everything to me, because I love it. It makes going to work everyday such a happy place to be because everyone is trying their best to make a good product. If the fans like it, then I am absolutely over the moon.



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