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Noureen DeWulf

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Full Name: Noureen DeWulf

Birth Date: July 11, 1982

Birth Place: Brooklyn, New York, USA

Height: 5' 6 "

Occupation: Actress

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"...I will say that South Beach plus Paris Hilton makes for a crazy time!"

Filmography at IMDB
Pledge This! (2006) (post-production) .... PooPoo
... aka National Lampoon's Pledge This! (USA: complete title)
Americanizing Shelley (2006) (post-production) .... Littly Singh
American Dreamz (2006) .... Shazzy
"Love, Inc."
- Curb Your Enthusiasm (2006) TV Episode .... Tricia
- Harvest (2006) TV Episode .... Santi
- Hot Girl on Girl Action (2005) TV Episode .... Jasmine Crane
- Trial and Errors (2005) TV Episode .... Jasmine Crane
- On the Job (2005) TV Episode .... Matrice Singh
West Bank Story (2005) .... Fatima

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Noureen DeWulf - In Hot Company with Paris Hilton
This hotty will have you craving for more. Hanging around in the company of Paris Hilton has really rubbed off on her and she's a wild one! Look out for Noureen in "National Lampoon's - Pledge This!" this summer!
by Peta Cooper

For all of you ladies that are in sororities, can you imagine what it would be like if Paris Hilton was your President? She would probably make you moon your professor while eating a banana. Ekkk! Well, this coming summer we will see what Sanagarvarapoopoo Gandosimi (known as Poo Poo), played by Noureen DeWulf will have to go through in "National Lampoon's - Pledge This!"

DeWulf is no stranger to comedy; the Boston University graduate has a movie out called "West Bank Story," a musical comedy set in the fast-paced, fast-food world of competing falafel stands on the West Bank. The film has been circulating through several film festivals and has been receiving high marks. At this point, it looks like there is no stopping this girl! We talk it out with Noureen, and try, key word TRY, to have our way with her.

Peta Cooper: DeWulf, is that your real last name or a stage name? Are you like a wolf? Can you growl for me?
Noureen DeWulf: DeWulf is my real last name. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr baby. With a name like that who wouldn't be able to growl?

PC: And you got the 'rrrrrrrrrrr" down packed with your growl! Since you've done print ads for Cingular Wireless, is that the type of cell phone you use?
ND: I actually have a Nextel blackberry! I need it for work; otherwise I really don't know how my agent and manager would get a hold of me.

PC: You sold out to the blackberry trend, eh? Can you hook me up with a Cingular phone?
ND: Yeah I can, just call them and tell them I sent you to get a free phone. If they give you one let me know so I can get one too!

PC: If that's the case, can I have your Blackberry as well?
ND: Sure Peta (psychs me out by pretending to hand it to me) don't even think about it! Keep your hands off my baby! I wish I had free phones at my disposal, however, I do have a lot of earpieces I got at the Sundance Film Festival so I can easily hook you up with an earpiece (smiles).

PC: Fine, I guess we'll figure something out after the interview. Anywho, your recent comedy "West Bank Story," is it a parody of "West Side Story?"
ND: Well yes and no, it is a parody in the sense that it is loosely based on the concept of West Side Story. It includes all the aspects with the characters being star-crossed lovers, two dueling families and there is a lot of dancing and singing and finger snapping. But in the case of West Bank Story, "Fatima," who I play is Palestinian and "David" my boyfriend in the film is Israeli, see the conflict? And our brothers "Ahmed" and "Ariel" own dueling falafel stands, which coincidentally serve the same food.

PC: I love falafels and gyros! Did the role of "Fatima" require you to eat a lot of falafels?
ND: Well, I didn't eat a lot of falafels but I definitely had to be around them. And FYI, I hate falafels (laughs)!

PC: I was just going to ask you to hook me up with some falafels too!
ND: I'm beginning to think you're just using me for freebies Peta.

PC: No way! I will stop asking for stuff now ok. But it sounds like a great movie Noureen. And it made Sundance's Top Ten as well! Will it be released on DVD or is it out already?
ND: There are DVD copies floating around the industry right now, it's being shown around several different film festivals. We're unable to distribute it right now, in any real way. I think that is something that the director has to decide at a later point.

PC: Now, let's get to your next juicy role! "National Lampoon's - Pledge This!" is coming out this summer! Are you excited?
ND: I am so excited! I think it is going to be a really funny movie and the characters are hilarious.

PC: Does your character have a lot of "fobby" qualities?
ND: Fobby? Not really, I mean she speaks with an accent, wears Indian clothes and is really innocent until she gets corrupted.

PC: Does she wear deodorant?
ND: Peta - Shut up! (laughs) I kind of like FOBs anyway. They are cute and funny plus ignorance is bliss right?

PC: So you're in this movie with Paris Hilton, how do both of your characters interact?
ND: Well, Paris' character, Victoria, is the president of a sorority (Gamma Gamma) that my character Sanagarvarapoopoo Gandosimi aka "Poo Poo" is trying to pledge. So basically, she tortures me and the other pledges throughout the film, which is really funny.

PC: I can only imagine what the writers came up with! Were you in a sorority back in Boston University?
ND: No, I wasn't. After doing this film though I definitely know what hazing feels like! I probably would have never made it into a sorority. They would have told me to do something and I would be like "say what?" "Do it yourself biatch!" - just kidding. A lot of my friends were in sororities, I have nothing against them, it just wasn't my thing.

PC: Since Kal Penn was in "National Lampoon's Van Wilder," are you planning to have a face off with him?
ND: You know what, I would love that. I love Kal's work I think he is a great actor and I really hope we do work together sometime. I think we would be funny together onscreen.

PC: And hot off screen! Just kidding Wolf! I'm sure sharing a set with Paris Hilton; a lot of funny bloopers must have taken place! Come on Noureen, share some juicy ones?
ND: Let's see, there is just so little that I am able to divulge. I don't know, only because I haven't seen the film yet - what I think are outtakes might just make it into the film so I can't say right now. What I will say is that South Beach plus Paris Hilton makes for a crazy time.

PC: We'll have to do a follow up for sure! I can't wait to see you on the silver screen this summer! And finally Noureen any last words to your fans on DesiClub?
ND: It's a very cool website. I hope you will all go out and support the film. Love to all my Desi fans - I hope you will laugh with me and at me in this film. Trust me boys, you will not be disappointed! (winks)




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